Plant Iberia - Specialist Importers of Plants from Span & Portugal

Plant Iberia - Specialist Importers of Plants from Span & Portugal

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Expert Advice

Twelve years traveling all over Spain and Portugal making hundreds of grower visits every year to assess production, discuss quality/ prices/ programs gives us unique access to the horticultural arteries of the Iberian Peninsula. Keeping up to date with who is doing what and how much of it is of critical importance.

Years of experience mediating between suppliers in Southern Europe and customers in Northern Europe offer unique insights into how relationships can initiate, develop and mature.

Sourcing & Logistics

Whether it be large numbers of one particular product for a promotion or a wide range of products for a prestigious design and build project we offer a range of solutions.

Of course having great products is fine but being able to transport them thousands of kilometers in the right quantities at the right time at the right cost can make or break the project.

Our main experience is in road and sea transport.

Great Offers

For the simple reason that we have a good reputation amongst growers all over the Iberian Peninsula we are their first port of call when they have clearance offers of good quality stock.

This could be field grown root-ball product in winter or retail quality product, which needs to be cleared in May/ June before the heat of summer sets in. We try and keep customers up to date via e-mail but many batches are sold with one or two telephone calls, as the opportunity has to be taken quickly.

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Please feel free to contact us simply to find out more about what we do and what we can offer or to receive our e-mail lists.

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