About Plant Iberia

For over 12 years, Plant Iberia has travelled all over Spain and Portugal to find the optimal places and the perfect people to help grow our products with as much love and care as they deserve. We’ve got nurseries all over the Iberian Peninsula, and each one has certain specialities and climates we research and tap in to, to ensure our plants are happy at home.

Our vast network of growers keep us constantly in the loop to monitor the well-being and availability of our plants, so we can relay accurate information back to our clients.

Thanks to the varied geography and climates Spain and Portugal offer, we are able to provide a monumental range of ornamental plants, trees and shrubbery. Most plant importers source from Italy and Holland – but at Plant Iberia, we know that Spain and Portugal not only offer optimal growing conditions to create a variety of great value plants, but the people, culture and diverse geography we love.

We also know that due to the seasonal nature of the trade, at times our clients need small quantities of products, and at others, they’ll need full trucks. That’s why our sophisticated logistics plan allows our clients to have flexibility with their orders. We deliver by loose load, pallets and CC trolleys, so our clients know exactly how much stock they’ve got to market.

We arrange swift delivery of 7-8 days from the moment the order is confirmed and can guarantee delivery within 9 days of order. Never compromising on the quality of your selection, warehouses and stores will be bustling with colourful, lively plants in no time.

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